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Artists in an Olivegarden

Artists in an Olivegarden residency in F-ARLES offered an idyllic and quiet retreat in an old, charming and  stylish renovated farmhouse in Arles. The Unesco City (with its beautiful light and roman architecture) became an insider arts hotspot in recent years, hosting events such as „Les rencontres de la Photographie“, exciting cultural and musical festivals, museums, galleries and the „Parc des Ateliers“. The beautiful laneways offer a variety of coffee-shops, bakeries, art-museums, galleries and bookshops to enjoy as the River-Rhone gently or wildly gently flows by. 

Artists in an Olivegarden suited international contemporary artists. Inmidst of a kingdom of birds and frogs in a huge garden with olive trees Many artists went for this particular challenge. While some prepared for an exhibition to come, others were inspired by the scenery and its colors,  again others wrote, texted, composed music, photographed or prepared a thesis. All in all some colorfuls years are behind us.

The project closed its doors permanently MID 2021. Goodbye house and garden, goodbye Arles, au revoir la France, we will be back to see you again one day.

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