about us

Claudia Froelich from Zurich, lives and works in Zurich and Arles.  Business-Dipl. in the Advertising Industry; AD Visual Communication and Sculpture at SAC, USA. She has studied  and lived in the United States for several years and returned to Zurich in 1988. Continuous education over the years in Art-Therapy,  IAC Zurich and Arts Management at University of Basel.
Since 1988 Claudia has mainly worked in the wide field of Contemporary Art.  Self-employed since 1996 with assignements in galleries, museums, cultural institutions and artfoundations. Founder and PM of the Kunstkiste Malatelier

at the Kunsthalle Zurich, Humanitarian and cultural-political commitement.

Co-worker, co-producer or translatior of art catalogues and thematic books. Founder/CEO of Arts Atrium with the project "Artist on a hill" from 2009-2016 and Artists in an Olivegarden since 2017. Since 2012 Froelich works whenever she has got the time  on sculptures, installations and photography again. Participation in exhibitions. Works in private collections. 

With us in Arles are Freelancers and our receptionist Mimi. 

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